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Seaton Scarecrow Festival
Monday, 30 July 2018 10:47

Seaton Scarecrow Festival took place between 30 June & 14 July, with Trail Day held on 7 July. To add to the fun, in addition to Scarecrows, the Council invited villagers to decorate their Wheelie Bin as a part of the festival.

In May, Seaton Junior School children were asked to design their own Scarecrows & Seaton Academy children to decorate a scarecrow template, with both schools’ pupils producing coloured wheelie bin templates. You will no doubt have seen the Council’s Scarecrow Festival advertising poster around the village & this incorporated the winning design by Olivia Lewthwaite of Year 1, Seaton Academy. Council members were very impressed with the designs which the children made, some of which have been on display in the Council’s notice boards. The other winners were as follows:

Seaton Academy

Wheelie Bin:

  • Year 2:                      Gracie Bowman
  • Year 1:                      Charlotte Cosker
  • Nursery:                    Dylan Wood
  • Overall Winner:         Gracie Bowman


  • Year 2:                      Jessica Steele
  • Year 1:                      Olivia Lewthwaite
  • Reception:                 Jessica Hutton
  • Nursery:                     Eva Henstone
  • Overall & Poster:        Olivia Lewthwaite

Seaton Junior School

Wheelie Bin:

  • Year 6:                      Temerity Botterill-Kang
  • Year 3:                      Lexii Mae Mackenzie
  • Overall Winner:          Temerity Botterill-Kang


  • Year 6:                      Kate Neesham
  • Year 3                       Grace Fearon
  • Overall Winner:         Kate Neesham

Each of the winners received a gift token in recognition of their efforts & the Council would like to thank Seaton schools for finding the time for their pupils to take part.

Clearly a lot of thought had gone into the design of Scarecrows & Wheelie Bins & there were some fantastic displays. Unfortunately Scarecrow Trail Day coincided with the England v Sweden World Cup Quarter Final match, & only around 50 people took part on Trail Day, which was a shame after all the work that had been put in.

Council members deliberated long & hard to select the winning entries, in the end choosing the following:

Wheelie Bin:

  • 1st       Christine Collister  The Weeping Bin
  • 2nd       Hayley Crawford      Treasure Chest
  • 3rd       Phil & Gill Wood     Ewe Bin Framed


  • 1st       Samantha Moody     Waiting for the Bus
  • 2nd       Bobby Galbraith    Jurassic Seaton
  • 3rd       Seaton Brownies    Seaton Suffragettes

The favourite entries of those who took part on Trail Day were awarded ‘The People’s Choice’, those being:

Scarecrow                Christine Collister  Peter Rabbit & Friends

Wheelie Bin             Joanne Magill          Recycling Gone Mad!

Each of the winners received an inscribed trophy & a gift token. The Council hopes everyone enjoyed the fun which the Festival brought to brighten up the village in early July & would like to thank everyone who took part in making this a great community event enjoyed by both old & young alike.

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  • IMG-20180704-WA0006
  • IMG-20180704-WA0008
  • IMG-20180704-WA0015
  • IMG-20180704-WA0016 (1)
  • IMG-20180704-WA0017
  • IMG-20180704-WA0019
  • IMG-20180704-WA0020
  • IMG-20180704-WA0025
  • IMG-20180704-WA0029
  • IMG-20180704-WA0030
  • IMG-20180704-WA0031
  • IMG-20180704-WA0033
  • IMG-20180706-WA0001 (1)
  • IMG-20180706-WA0002
  • IMG-20180706-WA0003
  • IMG-20180704-WA0014
  • IMG-20180704-WA0022
  • IMG-20180716-WA0002
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  • IMG-20180716-WA0000
  • IMG-20180716-WA0001
  • IMG-20180716-WA0002
  • IMG-20180716-WA0003
  • IMG-20180716-WA0006
  • IMG-20180716-WA0005
  • IMG-20180716-WA0006


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